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Marquee Equity is proud to offer our clients the very finest Investment Grade Fancy Coloured Diamonds available. We specialize in Internally Flawless Yellow diamonds of the most sought after colour grades as well as the highly coveted Argyle Diamond.

Through a decade of diligence and dedication, Marquee has developed an extensive network of agents and buyers who scour the globe in search of only the premier, GIA certified, 100% Natural Fancy Coloured Diamonds.

Wall Street Journal Feature: Demand Soars for Colored Diamonds!

Investors, seeking higher returns, have moved into an area once the preserve of wealthy collectors. Read article



Whether coloured or clear, fancy or plain, baguettes, princess or radiant cut, diamonds remain the most highly valued of all the precious stones. Fire and ice combine in equal proportion to captivate even the most reserved taste. At Marquee Equity Inc. we pride ourselves in having access to the highest quality and most exquisite diamonds in the world.